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Recent study shows cancer patients younger than 55 years often long for more personal involvement in treatment decisions. Read More ›

Indiana University Bloomington researchers detail specific properties of human folate receptor proteins. Read More ›

Researchers used Utah Population Database to assess risk of cancer among parents, siblings, or offspring of children with cancer. Read More ›

Genetic study shows chemotherapy treatment has decreased the rate of acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) recurrence in children with specific chromosomal defect. Read More ›

Study investigates long-term antihypertensive drug use and related breast cancer risk in postmenopausal women. Read More ›

New research shows that photo examples of skin cancer are more beneficial to patients than text descriptions. Read More ›

Study shows colon cancer screening rates among uninsured patients could improve with use of mailed correspondence. Read More ›

Statistics published by Cancer Research UK show testicular cancer survival rate at 96%. Read More ›

Study shows premenopausal women with twice the normal level of sex hormones in their blood are at greater risk for developing breast cancer. Read More ›

Although stress reducing and educational, PSA screening decision aids do not change patients’ testing choices, study shows. Read More ›

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