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In the February issue we published the article “Adherence to Therapy at Home: The Personal Touch.” This article, written by MMA, a woman undergoing treatment for cancer, addressed the idea that patients feel overwhelmed when they return home with “a bagful” of medications that they must incorporate into their daily life.

We asked our online reading community to let us know if this is a topic they address with their patients. The answer was a resounding yes. All respondents said they do talk to patients about adhering to their medication regimen at home. Respondents indicated that they provide information about how and when to take the medication for the best results.

The Oncology Nurse-APN/PA (TON) asked its online reading community to share their inspiration for entering the oncology field.
In the October issue, we published an article about the results of a meta-analysis reported at ASCO 2012 that supported the new guidelines that recommend weight-based chemotherapy dosing for obese cancer patients.

In the June issue, we published an article, “Let the Truth Be Told About Pain!” A patient currently receiving treatment for cancer told us how a nurse’s straightforward response helped her deal with her anxiety about pain. We asked our online reading community if their patients talked about pain. Clearly, this is an important issue for nurses, as we received more responses for this question than we have for any other question.

In the April issue, we published an article about a presentation at the 17th Annual Conference of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network that addressed what’s new in antiemetic control. We asked our online reading community if antiemetic control was an issue they discussed with patients.

  • 79% have talked with their patients about this issue.
  • 21% have not discussed antiemetic control with patients.

In the September issue, we published an article entitled Patients Want to Discuss Cost of Cancer Care, Oncologists Often Avoid It. We wondered if patients were talking to their pharmacists about the cost of their oncology drugs.

Here’s how our online reading community responded:

  • 14%indicated they are never asked about drug costs
  • 48%said patients occasionally talk to them about drug costs
  • 38% are regularly talking with patients about drug costs

The Oncology Nurse-APN/PA recently asked its online reading community to share their inspiration for entering the oncology field. The response was overwhelming. It is abundantly clear that those involved in the field are passionate, caring, and extremely optimistic. Repeatedly responses highlighted a single person who inspired a career choice and a desire to help those living with cancer. On behalf of all of us at The Oncology Nurse-APN/PA, thank you for all you do to help your patients. Below, we share with you excerpts from several of the responses.

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